Gammatec Engineering GmbH
specialises in Powder Metallurgy technology

We advise you about the manifold chances and opportunities of sintering technology, manufacturers, materials, processes, products, properties and applications.

Molybdenum (Mo)

Molybdenum is a refractory metal used in high temperature furnace technology and in technical processes. Besides pure molybdenum we also supply molybdenum alloys such as Mo/La and TZM-Mo for example. Please enquire for more alloys.

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Tungsten (W) – Tantalum (Ta) – Niobium (Nb)

If even molybdenum cannot withstand the high temperatures, tungsten, tantalum or niobium are possible alternatives. Due to its high density, tungsten is also used for balancing weights and for shielding ionising radiation.

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Engineering Ceramics

We provide expert advice in the selection of materials and supply you with engineering ceramics for the most diverse applications. Among the oxide ceramics, the most commonly used material for high temperature and wear applications is alumina, but we also have zirconia in various grades on offer. In addition, we also supply silicon carbide, silicon nitride, SiAlON, aluminium nitride and other materials on request.

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