Molybdenum is a refractory metal used in high temperature furnace technology and in technical processes.

Besides pure molybdenum we also supply molybdenum alloys such as Mo/La and TZM-Mo for example. Please enquire for more alloys.

Sheet Gammatec Molybdenum

Our highly temperature resistant metallic material Mo/La remains fine-grained, ductile and dimensionally stable even after long-term use in high temperature processes. Lanthanum oxide stabilizes the grain boundaries and hinders grain growth at high temperatures. Therefore, molybdenum doped with lanthanum oxide may be used at temperatures above 1500°C.


  • Molybdenum foil 0.015 to 0.1 mm thickness, max. width 110 mm
  • Molybdenum foil 0.15 to 0.2 mm thickness, max. width 200 mm
  • Molybdenum sheet 0.25 to 1.5 mm thickness, max. width 500 mm
  • Molybdenum plates, max. width 500 mm
  • Molybdenum rods, max. length 2000 mm
  • Molybdenum square bars, max. length 1000 mm
  • Molybdenum tubes, max. length 1000 mm
  • Molybdenum wire on coil
  • Molybdenum heating wire and heating elements
  • Molybdenum crucibles for growing single crystals
  • Molybdenum sputtering targets
  • Molybdenum glass melting electrodes to customer specifications
  • Molybdenum boats, trays and setters riveted
  • Molybdenum bolts, nuts, threaded pins
  • Furnace components to customer specifications
  • Customer specified turned and milled parts